Leave the Optometrist in Style with New Designer Frames or Sunglasses

Wearing glasses can significantly improve your vision, and with the options now available at Mission Viejo Optometric Center, you can also enhance your appearance. The center offers an extensive collection of the latest designer frames from American and European designers, making it easy to show off your personal style.

Whether you prefer sturdy titanium frames or fashionable, colored plastics, the staff can help you select the right shape and size to complement your facial features.

The latest trends in eyewear

Designer frames are available for both your prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Today’s most popular styles include:

Trends are also bringing back the oversized look of the 70s and 80s to give you a laid-back, retro look that’s truly unique.

Colors and designs are also at the cutting-edge of fashion, with favorites like gold metals, vibrant reds, and a modern take on popular animal prints, including leopard.

The professional look is still in as the popularity of tortoiseshell glasses is on the rise. You can also opt for the vintage professional style, choosing neutral shades, like caramel and light browns.

Correct your vision in high style

Regardless of the type of frame you choose, the team at Mission Viejo Optometric Center focuses on providing the highest quality lenses to correct your vision. To accommodate your needs, the team offers a large selection of versatile lens types to help you see better.

Options for vision-correcting lenses include:

For stronger prescriptions, you can order high-index lenses that provide you with accurate lens strength that are thinner and lighter for comfortable wear.

If you’re physically active, a polycarbonate lens may be right for you. This type of lens is nearly 10 times more durable than other plastic lenses to prevent damage when you’re on the go.

Polarized lenses are a proactive way to ensure good eye health as they contain special filters that reduce glare and block out potentially harmful, intense light. This lens type is ideal if you spend a lot of time outdoors, driving in the daytime, or in front of a computer screen.

Great frames for the whole family

Designer frames aren’t just for adults. Mission Viejo Optometric Center offers an extensive selection of frame styles and colors for children. You can opt for a fashionable style to highlight your child’s favorite colors or prints.

Kids can also select durable frames to accommodate their active lifestyle or high-impact sports participation. Even young children can be fitted with a comfortable frame to improve vision without interfering with their activities.

With so many designer frame options available at an affordable price, you can even select a backup pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses for your convenience.

The staff ensures a great fit by taking accurate measurements of your face after you’ve selected your favorite frame. They also provide complimentary maintenance services when your glasses need an adjustment.

Your glasses style can say a lot about you. Visit the center, or book an appointment online or by phone for a customized eyeglasses or sunglasses fitting today.

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